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Hand In Hand We Can

At some point in time we all become teachers, mentors and friends who touch the lives and souls of those around us.

Hand in Hand We Can

The numbered days of summer have quickly come and gone.
... ItÝs now time to join together and begin to think as one.
One in purpose and in vision for each child on us will depend,
To be not just the teacher, but a mentor and sometimes only friend.

Such an awesome responsibility is ours. Every minute of every day.
To challenge young minds, to mold and refine, as the potter with the clay.
To uncover the good, to instill self-worth, and a desire for life-long goals.
ItÝs the task of the teacher to find the method to touch their very souls.

Daily we walk along the familiar paths where former teachers passed
We feel their presence, dedication and love that somehow always lasts.
Their legacies have become a part of us, as we begin each new school year.
As gladly we share our love and joy for teaching, keeping them ever near.

ItÝs a huge task if anyone should ask, and many still fall by the way.
They work in isolation, depending on themselves for getting by each day.
But a teacher, who stays over the years, knows where the success began.
It came from colleagues and friends who believed thatÍhand in hand we can!

---From OF ROOTS, SHOES and RHYMES by C L Gillmore

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