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Suzie Olsen Suzie Olsen
Engineer and Writer, Author of Annie Aardvark, Mathematician
[ More Info ]
Cass Foster Cass Foster
The Introduction to Shakespeare is No Easy Task
[ More Info ]
Rene Natan Rene Natan
The Novels of Rene Natan---suspense, romance, intrigue and adventure
[ More Info ]
Todd Lemense Todd Lemense
Author , Expert on Ego control and keeping things in proper perspective
[ More Info ]
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Authors' Requests to Expand CategoriesHeeded by Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
[ More Info ]
Jeff Carter Jeff Carter
Retirement Boom "You don't know, what you don't know"
[ More Info ]
James J. Gormley James J. Gormley
Award-Winning Author; Expert in Dietary Supplements and Health Politics
[ More Info ]
Julianne DiBlasi Black Julianne DiBlasi Black
Children's Book Author & Illustrator / Motivation and Creativity
[ More Info ]
Dr. Nicolas Bazan Dr. Nicolas Bazan
[ More Info ]
Howard Beckman Howard Beckman
Tempting The Devil In The Name Of God..
[ More Info ]
Terry John Barto Terry John Barto
Author of Children's Books that Inspire Kids to Dream.
[ More Info ]
Michael R. Strickand Michael R. Strickand
Multicultural Author / Teacher / Parent and Child Advocate
[ More Info ]
Randall Reneau Randall Reneau
Randall Reneau, award-winning author (thrillers)
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • Tradeshow Week Magazine/Cahners Business Communications -
  • I am a journalist, always in search of new and interesting sources. Our reporters use this resource to find sources for our stories.
  • AM980 CFPL -
  • We need between 30-45 Topics and Guests per week for our prime Time Talk show.
  • Providing Radio Interview & Guest information for RADIO ONLINE's Daily Show Prep (tm).
  • Family Digest Magazine -
  • Helping us find experts to answer questions for articles
  • Sound System -
  • Educational, career opportunities, consulting opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurial Moment Radio Show -
  • locating potential radio show guests
  • WTRC RADIO 1340 AM -
  • Finding guests to appear on our radio talk show or finding interesting information to talk about on our show
  • Sharon Brooks Hodge -
  • I am a journalist looking for interesting sources and story ideas.
  • the Working Podcast -
  • Finding suitable guests for the #1 career-oriented podcast on the Web.
  • Making It TV -
  • Locate guest authors
  • mtl productions -
  • for upcoming projects
  • Insightful-Security Solutions -
  • Not sure yet
  • Cleveland Rants -
  • interviews needed for talk show
  • Vast vision academy -
  • Great
  • Vintage Romance Publishing, LLC -
  • We are a publishing company actively looking for authors who are willing to think outside the box and create manuscripts of a different era.
  • Kathryn F. Clark -
  • I'm a free-lance writer with a 30 year journalism background, I am now beginning to contact national pubs and need national experts for comments in a variety of subjects.
  • Messiahs's Branch Ministries & International Radio -
  • I am looking for guests all teh time to book for 3 different talk radio programs
  • Lidanger Productions Inc. -
  • Attempting to find experts on the art of seduction for reality based television project.
  • WXUT-FM/The Nookular Option -
  • I am hoping to book some good guests for our radio show.
  • That's Fine Publishing -
  • In hopes of gaining interviews with authors, experts, etc of various genres
  • Worth More than Rubies Radio -
  • Guests for radio talk show
  • Best Life Barb Media, LLC -
  • For my radio talk show in Orlando
  • Reynolds Sports and Entertainment -
  • the simplest way to get last-minute quotes for articles, speakers or engaging personalities for TV and radio shows.
  • Sound Health options -
  • looking to be booked and to book radio guests
  • Cumulus Broadcasting -
  • We are always in need of topical and interesting guests for our morning talk show.
  • The 'X' Media Group -
  • By giving me a venue to introduce to my international audience in our radio show, tv show and newspaper, some very interesting and informative guests.
  • Golf Made Simple Inc -
  • Finding interesting guests for my weekly radio show.
  • Red Bar Radio -
  • Producer for radio program, book guests weekly.
  • "On The Scene In Dallas" -
  • I am a host of a talk show in dallas and your guests will improve the format.
  • NE Colorado Broadcasting -
  • Very well. I do a radio Morning Show and am always on the look out for interesting guests.

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