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Janet Vormittag Janet Vormittag
Author, Animal Advocate and Crazy Cat Lady
[ More Info ]
Kendall T. Shoulders Kendall T. Shoulders
Jesus is a Worm..and a Snake too. Among other things
[ More Info ]
Cindy Mahealani Sellers Cindy Mahealani Sellers
Body-Organ Consciousness and Vibrant Health Tips
[ More Info ]
Allen Scovil Allen Scovil
Science-Fiction and Fantasy that believe in Jesus!
[ More Info ]
Jeff Carter Jeff Carter
Retirement Boom "You don't know, what you don't know"
[ More Info ]
Kyle Morey Kyle Morey
[ More Info ]
Libby J. Atwater Libby J. Atwater
Real Life Trumps Fiction
[ More Info ]
Lori London Lori London
Children need inspiration, encouragement and a place where they can smile with imagination and wonder!
[ More Info ]
Dr. Nicolas Bazan Dr. Nicolas Bazan
[ More Info ]
Saxelby's Children's Books LLC Saxelby's Children's Books LLC
Author Pam Saxelby shares her love of Children's Picture books!
[ More Info ]
Dorothea Jensen Dorothea Jensen
Award-Winning Author Who Brings History and Fantasy to Life!
[ More Info ]
Callie Chapman Callie Chapman
Glitter the Unicorn
[ More Info ]
Carol Hageman, Children's Author Carol Hageman, Children's Author
A Desert Tortoise Learns How Brave He Can Be in ‘Bubby’s Puddle Pond’
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • The Awful Show -
  • I'm looking for charasmatic, interesting people to interview on my weekly talk show. Potential interviewees should be looking to target the following demographic - 18-24yrs old; male; technology savvy. Our audience is growing weekly, and most new liste
  • I would like to use the site to network
  • WSMN Radio -
  • radio talk show guests
  • WTRC RADIO 1340 AM -
  • Finding guests to appear on our radio talk show or finding interesting information to talk about on our show
  • Teton County Library Foundation -
  • looking for speakers and presenters for public library presentations
  • sylvanic bigfoot -
  • we need exposure on tv radio and news media
  • Hollywood Unloaded -
  • I need guests for my new online radio show! Entertainment based!
  • Computer Bits Magazine -
  • Radio show interviewees - I hope to use your site to obtain potential authors for Computer Bits magazine and guests for our radio show.
  • Planning For Tomorrow Radio Show -
  • Seeking Radio Show Guests for a Final Planning Radio Bi-weekly Show. Our show topics range from death, dying , wills, estate planning and funeral and cremation planning. Mental Health, Grief
  • Contrive Media, Ltd. -
  • Just browsing
  • Clear Channel Radio -
  • Always looking to book interesting guests for talk radio
  • WCJW -
  • Finding me great guests to interview.
  • KHLOE Magazine -
  • Looking for radio publicity as I launch a young women's magazine.
  • -
  • We publish an online magazine and are often searching for authors and experts.
  • -
  • try mostly
  • The Mike Schiano Show -
  • As a daily talk radio show, we book 5 guests per week and are always looking for new and interesting guests.
  • Blackburn Radio -
  • Sending emails on up and coming events and new guests.
  • CrossQue -
  • finding speakers; authors, publishers, agents to speak at my writers group, authors luncheon, and I am also in television (OGTV_Ch 10)
  • Transmedia World Wide -
  • Booking guests for radio and TV programs.
  • Sound Health options -
  • looking to be booked and to book radio guests
  • Clear Channel Radio -
  • Radio producer looking for guests to use for and on-air talk show program
  • AMP InterMedia -
  • Establishing communication with experts, authors, and speakers.
  • REACH FM -
  • Helping us book guests for our morning show . .
  • Resort Broadcasting -
  • Not sure yet, am looking for sites that have guests available for appearances vis phone on air.
  • Kaspar Broadcasting Company -
  • Will use to find guest for my talkshow
  • Messiahs's Branch Ministries & International Radio -
  • I am looking for guests all teh time to book for 3 different talk radio programs
  • Lou Perry Program -
  • Radio talk show guests
  • Anderson Enterprises -
  • By providing experts to interview for freelance magazine articles.
  • Marnie's Friends Radio Talk -
  • I host a weekly radio talk show.

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