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June Perkins June Perkins
Childrens Author and Poet
[ More Info ]
Author Patricia M McClure Author Patricia M McClure
[ More Info ]
Jeff Carter Jeff Carter
Retirement Boom "You don't know, what you don't know"
[ More Info ]
Carol Hageman, Children's Author Carol Hageman, Children's Author
A Desert Tortoise Learns How Brave He Can Be in ‘Bubby’s Puddle Pond’
[ More Info ]
Justin Peck Justin Peck
PRO Lucas Oil Off Road Driver and BULLETPROOF Memoir Author Living With BiPolar
[ More Info ]
Dr. Rick Niece Dr. Rick Niece
Award-winning educator, turned author, shares hometown values.
[ More Info ]
Linda F. Radke Linda F. Radke
Invite Linda F. Radke to your classroom: CREATIVE WRITING, INSPIRED THINKING, AND FUN, FUN, FUN!
[ More Info ]
Allen Scovil Allen Scovil
Science-Fiction and Fantasy that believe in Jesus!
[ More Info ]
Lori London Lori London
Children need inspiration, encouragement and a place where they can smile with imagination and wonder!
[ More Info ]
Sean Buvala Sean Buvala
Connect your story in parenting, performance, publishing and public speaking.
[ More Info ]
Kendall T. Shoulders Kendall T. Shoulders
Jesus is a Worm..and a Snake too. Among other things
[ More Info ]
Carole Lieberman, M.D. Carole Lieberman, M.D.
THE TERRORIST THERAPIST & Bestselling Author Helps Families Keep Calm & Carry On
[ More Info ]
Sheri S Levy Sheri S Levy
YA, Trina Ryan Novel series: Puppy raiser for service dogs, & special needs
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • mtl productions -
  • for upcoming projects
  • Aegis Publishing House -
  • I am a freelance writer for print and online publications. On occassion I am in need of quotes from experts on the subjects I will be writing about.
  • kingdom of heaven -
  • I am new to the radio talk show hosting in order to get listeners you need guest
  • -
  • occasionally booking guests
  • Lakeland Broadcasting -
  • I do daily interviews for news/talk station. All topics of interest are included. I will be calling on a regular basis for guests.
  • Popcorn N Roses -
  • not sure yet, we're looking for guests for our podcast
  • Ebru TV -
  • exploring possible guests for new, daily talk show for women airing on our network
  • The Awful Show -
  • I'm looking for charasmatic, interesting people to interview on my weekly talk show. Potential interviewees should be looking to target the following demographic - 18-24yrs old; male; technology savvy. Our audience is growing weekly, and most new liste
  • freelance writer -
  • as a freelance writer, always looking for new people to write about
  • Amazing Pet Discoveries -
  • Guests for show
  • The Joe White Show -
  • I do a daily radio show and need guests daily.
  • Talk with Francesca -
  • possibly
  • Elance -
  • A National publishing company has partnered with Elance, Inc. to build a network of teaching professionals who will develop standardized student assessment tests. If you have teaching experience with Grades 3-8 or an aptitude for writing for children in G
  • Lowell Sunrise -
  • radio show guests
  • Toneal's To-Dos -
  • By matching qualified individuals to listed postings, thereby creating opportunity for guests to promote their message.
  • KGAB Radio, Clear Channel -
  • finding guest for show
  • Navigating The River Styx -
  • Not sure- You were recommended by talk show host Ed opperman though and hes a man I trust to give solid advice
  • Create Your World Foundation -
  • This site can meet my needs, by providing distiguishe guest, authors various experts to share on local radio/ tv show "Life Issues".
  • REACH FM -
  • Helping us book guests for our morning show . .
  • Hispanic Broadcasting Corperation -
  • I am new to this so I wouldnt know how to gauge it.
  • University of Dayton -
  • We run the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop every other year and look for speakers who are humor writers or teach about writing.
  • Boston Globe -
  • Allows me to find expert sources for articles that I am writing.
  • The Cuckleburr Times, -
  • We're an online magazine covering mainly writers, publishers and writing but we enjoy a good yarn too! We'll be looking for contributors of articles to publish there as well as author interviews, book reviews/ excerpts, writing tips, publishing help etc,
  • The Erik and Carson Show -
  • setting up interviews with experts
  • Clear Channel South Atlanta -
  • need for talk show guests for a radio morning show
  • Freelance -
  • I will need experts for my articles. I hope your site can be a good source of information.
  • Un World Entertainment -
  • We deliver a daily online radio/tv talk show, plus blog columns via our website. Our content areas involving Politics, Health & Home, Family & Relationships, Business and Self-Help would be able to both provide many authors and experts a platform for the
  • Freelance journalist -
  • I am a freelance journalist, looking for experts in the fields of architecture, design, travel and lighting.
  • Clear Channel Broadcasting -
  • looking for topical guests for morning drive radio.
  • Freelance -
  • Provide experts to interview for articles.

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