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Rene Natan Rene Natan
The Novels of Rene Natan---suspense, romance, intrigue and adventure
[ More Info ]
Dorothea Jensen Dorothea Jensen
Award-Winning Author Who Brings History and Fantasy to Life!
[ More Info ]
Kevin Coolidge Kevin Coolidge
Entertain, Encourage and Help Children Embrace Reading
[ More Info ]
Callie Chapman Callie Chapman
Glitter the Unicorn
[ More Info ]
Julianne DiBlasi Black Julianne DiBlasi Black
Children's Book Author & Illustrator / Motivation and Creativity
[ More Info ]
E.I. Hunter, PhD E.I. Hunter, PhD
Life Coach, Author, and Public Speaker
[ More Info ]
Elaine DePrince Elaine DePrince
Author speaks on interracial adoptions and empowerment of girls
[ More Info ]
Jeff Carter Jeff Carter
Retirement Boom "You don't know, what you don't know"
[ More Info ]
Kendall T. Shoulders Kendall T. Shoulders
Jesus is a Worm..and a Snake too. Among other things
[ More Info ]
Margaret Ottman Margaret Ottman
The Lonely Loon - A Children's Story About Tolerance and Compassion
[ More Info ]
Dr. Nicolas Bazan Dr. Nicolas Bazan
[ More Info ]
Randall Reneau Randall Reneau
Randall Reneau, award-winning author (thrillers)
[ More Info ]
Richard Rieman Richard Rieman
Award Winning Audiobook Expert - Narrator, Producer & Consultant
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • truth2power -
  • I need guest's for my radio show
  • Rest Ministries Chronic Illness Pain Support -
  • Finding guests for radio program or expert quotations for articles for HopeKeepers Magazine.
  • Ella Speakes International -
  • I have a positive talk radio show in Oklahoma City, OK and am starting an internet radio station focusing on positive talk/Metaphysical Topics. I am also working with a woman on booking speakers for week long retreats.
  • Death Row Stories -
  • I see this site connecting me to people interested in interviewing new authors.
  • -
  • I'm a book author, a radio personality, and I write and edit an online site: I can only imagine the uses...
  • The Big Dumb Fun Show -
  • I'm a producer for a popular internet-based syndicated radio program called 'The Big Dumb Fun Show' We take taped and live interviews from interesting guests.
  • MediaPost -
  • filling needs for experts in several marketing and media categories
  • Ellusions Radio Network -
  • Seek out potential guests for our morning and afternoon syndicated radio shows.
  • Wolf Creek Idea Group -
  • By assisting in research to develop young sports participants, coaches and organizations through a positive uplifting manner for our magazine and our website
  • -
  • I am looking for authors with unusual manuscripts for our independent press.
  • Talkradio KCPS -
  • I book interviews for a radio talk show
  • Kashrus Magazine -
  • I plan to cultivate relationships with experts in diverse fields.
  • anteprima publishing -
  • looking for experts for projects
  • Clearchannel of Idaho -
  • I am a producer for a state wide network. I also produce a live talk show here in idaho.
  • BlackBerry Radio Incorporation -
  • Insightful, entertaining and informative interviews.
  • Clear Channel Broadcasting -
  • looking for topical guests for morning drive radio.
  • The Cove Group Inc -
  • By sending me qualified guests for my workplace wisdom radio show
  • Clear Channel Radio -
  • Booking live lines and experts for reporter stories
  • MoneyTalk with Melanie -
  • show guests
  • Pat Hunnell Public Relations Counsel -
  • Event planning for foundations and nonprofit organizations is a large part of our services; we hope to locate unique and qualified speakers to recommend.
  • APICS -
  • Professional non-profit organization (APICS) looking specifically for business book signers for an event in early November 2004. Periodically we may also look for business speakers (no fee paid)
  • Envoy Creative Media -
  • I am an author, radio producer, and speaker and can provide workshops in media. I have written three books on the subject of Christian's in Media.
  • Kaspar Broadcasting Company -
  • Will use to find guest for my talkshow
  • Ask Andrea Radio Show -
  • Looking for home improvement programming to include on a new radio station. I also host a radio show and am always seeking good content/interviews.
  • The Derek Thomas Show -
  • Booking Guests, Show Prep
  • -
  • finding green and environmental experts to interview for our podcast at
  • Shires Media Partnership -
  • Fill in spots for community + consumer type news
  • Sporting Nature Radio Show -
  • it will help with show preparations and quality
  • The Rick Amato Show -
  • Looking for guests to book for The Rick Amato Show, a San Diego political talk show airing on KCBQ AM 1170 from 9 PM to 11 PM weeknights.
  • The MO Radio Show -
  • Guests for our daily sports show

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