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Star Tracks

StarTracks is a resource column (newsletter) for authors interested in self publishing. All articles are written by authors with considerable experience in publishing. Please check back in the future for new additions! ISSN: 1089-3296

How to Promote Your Book
and Yourself

by Meg Cox

During the 5 years I covered book publishing for the Wall Street Journal in the '90s, I thought I knew a lot about the book business. Then I became an author and discovered how much I had to learn.

This essay won't cover everything you need to know about writing a book and getting it published. But assuming you've already got that part done-or at least partly done-I'll share what I've learned about how to get people to notice and buy your book.

It didn't take me long to learn that publishers are better at buying books from authors than they are at selling them to readers. But the more important and harder lesson is that selling books is not their job-it's my job and your job as authors. Just accept that basic truth, and you'll be much better prepared. It's like the publisher drives you to the beach, but YOU have to do all the swimming.

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