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The Resource Center at is a directory of service providers for authors, experts and guest speakers. Each listing in the Resource Center will include a listing headline, the name of your company, contact information, including a link to your web site if you have one, and a 25-word description of your service.

The cost of listing in the Resource Center is $39.00 a year for each topic area listed.

If you would like to be listed as a resource for Authors or Publishers, use the form below to start your A&E Resource Listing.

Please follow these simple rules to ensure you get the most from your Resource listing.
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Please note: This web site is family friendly. We reserve the right to reject links to web sites that are not appropriate for viewing by children under the age of 18. If you think your site may not be acceptable, please contact us with the full URL via email to review the content of your site before submitting your application.
Select up to five of the most appropriate Topic * areas for your listing. Please limit to five (5). Please advise us via e-mail with any topics you feel would better represent your listing that are not shown below.
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Resource Center FAQs

I've never seen this before. Is it new?
While we have been providing publicity for authors for over 17 years, the Resource Center is a new feature on

How do I know that anyone will see my listing?
On average, has over 10,000 visitors every month. Of course, we can't guarantee that you will be contacted, but we are a national source of publicity and other support services for authors and experts.

How much does it cost?
The cost to be listed in the Resource Center is $39.00/year for each topic you select.

Why do I need to choose a topic?
By organizing the Resource Center by topic, we make it easier for authors to find the services (like yours) that they are looking for.

What if I want to be listed under more than one topic?
You can register under as many topics as you offer services for. Please note that you will be charged $39.00 for each one.

Why are there more topics on the registration form than I see on the listing page?
The listing page is designed to show only the topics that we have resources listed under. Because this is a new service, we don't have all the topics represented at this time. We expect full listings within a few months.

How can I get a free listing?
Place a link on your web site to or and you will earn one free category listing in our Resource Center. Please notify us once the link is established and we will send you a code for one free listing.

Will all this information appear on my listing?
Your listing will include a headline, description, your company name, phone numbers, e-mail address and web site. Items with a red asterisk are required, but may not appear on your listing.

I have a web site. Can I link it from your resource center?
If you provide us with the full address for your web site starting with http:// we will set it up as a link to your site.

Can you link my e-mail address from your resource center too?
If you provide us with the full e-mail address, we can set that up as a link as well.

Do I have to provide you with credentials or references?
While you don't need to provide these to list with us, we want our Resource Center to reflect a community of professional resources. We ask that you have been employed or self-employed for at least 2 years in each category selected or have a college degree in your area of expertise. We will not list web sites that we consider to be for adult viewing only. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us. We also do not allow you to send unsolicited e-mail to the authors and experts that can be found on Unsolicited e-mail will be considered spamming and will result in having your listing revoked.

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