Melissa Marmino
The Blood of Venus

The Blood of Venus is a 2 in 1 novel. Book 1: The Return of Venus, tells of young Melissa Trevino; the current avatar of the love Goddess Venus. While vacationing in Venice, Italy she runs into a vampire, Ville Valo, and the lead singer of the band The Venus Disciples. Ville is a ancient vampire, turned into such by a previous avatar of Venus. He has long been searching for her, and at once recognizes her in Melissa. Through an ancient ritual Melissa is deflowered, and then killed, bringing forth the Goddess. She escapes though after being held captive in Ville's home. Book 2: The Last Avatar of Venus, tells of Melissa confronting her mother in an insane asylum in Georgia. Rejected she returns to her California estate to be confronted by her vampire lover, Ville. Angrily, Venus herself, through Melissa tells Ville that she will depart the world and her human avatar. Thinking Melissa dead, Ville returns home to Europe. Revived she goes back to Italy after a while. Only to be held captive again by Ville. Explicit language and sex scenes.

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