Art Drentlau
Freedom & Personal Responsibility inseparable terms Statue of Responsibility

Every Human Being has Freewill, we think and act as we please therefore we are Personally Responsible for our thoughts and actions. This is an irrefutable fact that can be proven by Physics. Any thoughts and actions we have outside this law has to lead to our own detriment. We are Self-governing Beings that live in an Interactive Universe that holds us Personally Responsible for every thought we have and we have about 60,000 a day. We have come to call this thought process: Cause and Effect, Karma, Action and Reaction, and Giving and Receiving. The only form of government that works is self-governing and that is why the Government our Founding Fathers gave us worked so well. They gave us Freedom and we took Personal Responsibility for that Freedom. Any form of government from a Dictatorship to today’s Liberalism and Progressivism can never and will never work because they try to defy Truth and in fact they are dehumanizing forms of control. Human Beings are functioning with less the 10% of our abilities which is by choice. This can be proven Physics. The Laws of Physics and the Spiritual laws are one and the same when properly understood.Jesus understood this and was functioning on a very high level while he was with us on this plan of existence.

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