Justin Peck
Justin Peck
Justin Peck
PRO Lucas Oil Off Road Driver and BULLETPROOF Memoir Author Living With BiPolar

Justin Peck's new “Bulletproof” memoir is currently a bestseller on Amazon.com. Living a most colorful life, filled with mania highs and paralyzing lows, he has defied the odds over and over, never given up.

BULLETPROOF is Peck's story of waking up every day to severe bipolar disorder, addiction, PTSD and the daily struggles that come from his collage of illnesses. But most of all, BULLETPROOF is a story of SURVIVAL!

Impactful, he can discuss a wide range of topics to include suicide prevention, addiction, mental health awareness, PTSD, bullying, and more. Recently at the LA City Gala 2017, Peck was featured as a keynote speaker alongside Halle Berry, John Travolta, Quincy Jones, Anthony Mackie, and John Paul Dejoria. Chock-full of wisdom, courage and overflowing hope, he is dedicated to sharing his experiences and the impact it has on those close to them and in society, to audiences of all kinds.

Having children of his own, Justin is also passionate toward the youth of today and brings much-needed awareness to depression, teen suicide prevention, and educates others to lift the stigma associated with mental health issues. He and his team have also taught students about STEM Education and how it coincides with running a professional race team. A true influencer in more ways than one, Peck's movement of mental health awareness is one of inspiration versus despair.

For more information, please contact Stacey Barker:
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