Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert
Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert
WILD IDEAS: Using "creativity" as a toolkit for transformation & breakthrough

We all strive to invent and reinvent our lives – sometimes in (frustrating!) fits and starts – so Sonoma County (N. CA) somatic counselor, artist, and writer Cathy Wild delves deeply in helping us mine our own truths; empowering us to embrace and honor both our successes as well as what may appear to be our failures. She then encourages and equips us to unlock our own hidden or perhaps blocked potential as outlined in her new book, "Wild Ideas — Creativity from the Inside Out." Her mission is to introduce others to this revelation of using the creative PROCESS as a problem-solving resource which can relate to virtually ANY area of our life – personally as well as professionally – providing us with a provocative and powerful wisdom-seeking toolkit for ANYone’s use. Especially as many people don’t consider themselves “creative” per se, her new book's goal is far-reaching in terms of the scope of its impactfulness for a broad general interest audience.

Overall, she's an impassioned color-outside-the-lines thinker who also underscores the reality of facing our own limitations, a truth she's personally learned via her own fits-and-starts path toward fulfillment over the years which she also reveals with candor within the pages of Wild Ideas.

Cathy's been a counselor in private practice for 30 years (her practice is called Body-Centered Healing) and has been interviewed on PBS radio as well as a PBS TV show called “In the Prime,” full press kit available incl. links to these interviews.

For more information, please contact (Ms.) Sam Jernigan:
Tel: 530.362.1339
Email: Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert
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