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Alan F. Stacy
Children's Book Illustrator, Costume desigtner, Makeup EFX
Ralph Estes
Troubadour and authority on Billy the Kid
Shana Miller
Diggin' Hard
Mike Campbell
Author exposes the truth in the Earhart case
America's History of Space Travel
Personal insights into space exploration
E.P. Rose
100 Years Colonial Rule British India Through Personal Stories of One Family
Christian Cipollini
Author, Researcher, Organized Crime Expert
James J. Gormley
Award-Winning Author; Expert in Dietary Supplements and Health Politics
Dorothea Jensen
Award-Winning Author Who Brings History and Fantasy to Life!
Brenda Warneka
Lawyer and Writer-Editor Brenda Warneka
Margaret R Blake
Author, Children, Fantasy Books, History, School, Youth
Libby J. Atwater
Real Life Trumps Fiction
Rick Eyerdam
NASA History, exobiology, rocketeering, engineers
Lynn "Doc" Cleland
Faith Greater Than Pain / 1 Man, 2 Feet, 1400 Miles, 60 years old...
Stan Lynde
Stan Lynde, Author of 9 Great Western Novels
Lazlo Ferran
Author and purveyor of deniable plausibility
Brian Wizard
Author, filmmaker, Viet Nam Combat Veteran, Counter-419 (fraud) Specialist
Cyndee Schaffer
The Journey to Mollie's War: WACS and WWII
Lili DeBarbieri
Award-winning Author
Mike Zimmerman
New novel available this May, Dracula's Apprentice

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