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Kyle Morey
Shirley W. Mitchell
The Golden Egg of Aging™-Author of the Fabulous, Sensational & Radiant Series
Sarri Gilman
Transform Your Boundaries with Sarri Gilman
Damon "DaRil" Nailer
Inspiring and Skilled- Author, Speaker,Talk Show Host, and Music Producer
Carolyn McCloud
Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
Sheri S Levy
YA, Trina Ryan Novel series: Puppy raiser for service dogs, & special needs
Paula McDade
Engaging and Transformational Author and Speaker
Earth-Sheltered Architecture
Nonresidential buildings surrounded by earth can be beautiful and practical.
Codie Sanchez Baker
Fashion Stylist & Personal Styling Company CEO
Art Drentlau
Do you know why FREEDOM is a more important word than God or Love?
International Award-Winning Author Toneal M. Jackson
Inspiration Specialist
Insightful Coaching
Syndee Hendricks:Published Author,Intuitive Coach,Speaker,Business Consultant
Rene Natan
The Novels of Rene Natan---suspense, romance, intrigue and adventure
Sean Buvala
Connect your story in parenting, performance, publishing and public speaking.
Chuck Blakeman
Inspiring Leaders and Providing Simple Tools to Transform Their Businesses
Susan Averre
The Medium At Large
Obom Bowen
Top Relationship Enrichment Company, Programs & Retreats
Jeff Carter
Retirement Boom "You don't know, what you don't know"
Pastor, Revivalist, and Survivor
On Fire For Jesus and Anti-Abuse/Bullying Advocate
Mary Kay Carson
Children’s Nonfiction Author, School Visit Presenter, Writing Conference Speaker
Kathryn Andries Productions
Author, Public Speaker, Educational Workshop Leader, Dream Expert
Mike Moran
Improved ROI from Search and Social Media Marketing for Large B2B Businesses
Laurie Burton
Public speaking and body language training for those in the business community
Learn how Rchard Lee Taylor was saved by a stroke.
Carole Lieberman, M.D.
THE TERRORIST THERAPIST & Bestselling Author Helps Families Keep Calm & Carry On
Kim Pezza
Author, artist, foodie and small space farmer/food gardener.
F. Mikel Carmon M.A., EEM-CP, EAL1
Create Your Life with Conscious Intention, Balance and Simplicity : LifePlanner

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