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The Great Green Gold Rush
The rich and the famous involved in the cannabis industry
Randi Alexander
USA Today/NY Times Bestselling Author Randi Alexander
Ivette Attaud
Author/Expert on Abusive Relationships
Shirley W. Mitchell
The Golden Egg of Aging™-Author of the Fabulous, Sensational & Radiant Series
Lynda Cain Hubbard
Author, Artist, Speaker, Marketing Professional with Child charity foundation.
Alexis Nicole White
Empowering you to be transparent, be fearless, be resilient
Helen Dunn Frame
Vivacious, Energetic, Experienced, Capable, Detailed
Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert
WILD IDEAS: Using "creativity" as a toolkit for transformation & breakthrough
Joelle Burnette
BRCA Memoir, Children's Books, Author, Expert, Public Speaker, Artist
Vladimire Calixte, Therapist, Relationship Expert
Life Rebuilding: Get Empowered-Make Better Decisions!
Codie Sanchez Baker
Fashion Stylist & Personal Styling Company CEO
Diva Rules and Secrets
The Workout Diva debuts as self-published author in Diva Rules and Secrets
Marnie Swedberg
Author of 12 Books for Busy Women, Mentor to 14,000 Leaders from 30 Countries
Polly Letofsky
Little Steps, Big Feat: Lessons from one woman's walk around the world
Jamell Crouthers
Author of 7 poetry books that discuss societal issues in today's world.
E.I. Hunter, PhD
Life Coach, Author, and Public Speaker
Wilnona Marie
Author/Relationship/heart-break/Dating/Divorce/Emotional Abuse
RS Greene
21 Days to Knowing Your Worth
Tami Butcher
My Bonus Mom: Taking the Step Out of Stepmom
Cyndee Schaffer
The Journey to Mollie's War: WACS and WWII
Clint Evans
Womens Health | Weight Loss | Diet | Nutrition | Fitness | Food | Body Exercise

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