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Do you have expertise in social networking or blogging? Have you discovered a great way to market your book? Can you offer expert advice on distribution or PR?

We pay $30 for each article printed in Star Tracks: Innovative Ideas for Publishers, the official newsletter of, which averages 1,000 visitors per day. We credit all contributed articles we use with writers' bylines, company names or book titles and Web addresses, which gives authors invaluable PR and exposure!

Send articles, tips and inquiries to Please put "Article or Tips for Star Tracks" in the subject line.

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July 2009


Leads From Linda

Someone once said life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. And lately at Five Star Publications life has been happening a lot! We've added several new authors and titles. We've put together a new Five Star Catalog and we were once again at Book Expo America. We've also sent two new recent leads to all A & E members. Whew! Next thing we knew, it was the end of June.


Authors and Experts members might want to consider pitching your books to Blurb. I was told that no fees are involved. Please let me know if any fee-based services are pitched, if you are selected for an interview.


We listen to 3-minute blurbs from all kinds of authors. No longer than 3 minutes... They tell us about their books in 3 minutes or less... Each week we choose the BEST Blurb! from all the submissions, and during the following week on, we honor them with BOOK OF THE WEEK honors!

And it's not about just any book, or any blurb. We're looking for some HOT copy about your latest book! We will have up-and-coming authors alongside well-known authors, but all of them will have something in common -- they EXCITE US and they will EXCITE YOU in the audience!

So what makes a good blurb?

  • Think back-side of the book
  • Copy in a magazine
  • 2 lines on the radio
  • A Good pitch can generally be expressed in 30 seconds, soooo...

3 minutes is an ETERNITY for a GOOD BLURB! Here's what to put into a GREAT Blurb!

  • Your name, your credentials
  • Your book title, genre and theme
  • What is the vision of your book? Your message?
  • Your reader needs to know WIFT - what's in it for them?

So tell us about your characters, your plot, anything that will hook us! If it will hook us, it will get our listeners hooked as well, and you will start selling books like hotcakes off the shelf!

Here is a short tutorial on how authors can create their 3-minute MP3s via "Cinch" - a kind of free-teleseminar conference call line. Hopefully it won't prove too difficult!

How to record via Cinch

When we get enough material, we will begin to categorize the blurbs into genres; however, for now, we are simply airing pitches on a first-come first-served basis.

We are so looking forward to giving your authors some more much deserved recognition and exposure.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

With gratitude,


Five Star Offers Autographed Books for Promotional Use

Five Star Publications, Inc., is now offering a wonderful opportunity to all members of the media.

Whenever a reporter or radio talk show host books an interview with one of Five Star's many talented authors for print or an on-air segment, Five Star will provide five autographed copies of one of that author's titles to be used for promotional giveaways. Your audience will undoubtedly recognize many of these artists and enjoy reading about them in their favorite newspaper or magazine or hearing an interview with them on their local radio station.

As an extra incentive to book an interview with a Five Star author, five autographed copies will then be yours to use as you see fit to promote the author, Five Star Publications and your organization.

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit Five Star's online bookstore, select an author to interview and let Five Star know when the interview will take place. They will then deliver five autographed copies of one of the selected author's books to your place of business. Five Star will provide an additional five copies each time that author is interviewed or per author interviewed.

For more information on Five Star Publications or this promotional offer, visit or call 480-940-8182.


Special thanks to Darryl Robidoux for sharing this lead. He is the author of "Home After Dark" (

Visit: and click on the "Submit News" link. You will want to enter your zip code. This will land your news release in your zip code. It's a free service and offers you the opportunity to add a photo to your news release.


Five Star Book Reviews

Would You Like to Have an Honest Review of Your Book?

Customer reviews with four or five star ratings on websites such as Amazon can be a real asset for increasing your book sales. But those reviews can be hard to come by. Many readers simply do not have the time, or the know-how, to post reviews on these sites.

Five Star Publications is now offering published authors an opportunity to have their books reviewed. The reviews will be posted on Amazon and Barnes and, as well as on the Five Star Publications website. This service is available to any published author, so your book does not have to be published by Five Star Publications in order to be eligible for a Five Star review.

Our goal is to give your book a fair and honest review. And while we can not guarantee the outcome or that your book will earn a four or five star rating, you will have the option of declining the review should it fail to meet your expectations.

To have your book reviewed please send a non-returnable copy, along with a check or money order, to Five Star Publications, P.O. Box 6698, Chandler, Arizona, 85246. Please note this fee is non-refundable, and your book will be donated to charity after it has been reviewed.

Number of pages Fee for:
90 days
Fee for:
60 days
Fee for:
30 days
Up to 100 pages $59 $79 $99
101-200 $79 $99 $129
201-350 $99 $129 $148
351-499 $129 $149 $169


Five Star Offers Free Books to Members of Military

To show their appreciation and support of our troops, Arizona publishing company Five Star Publications, Inc. is proud to offer free signed copies of any of their titles to members of the military.*

To take advantage of this offer, military members simply need to send a request to indicating "Military Request" in the subject line. They can then request a signed copy of any Five Star Publications book available through their online bookstore. For a listing of Five Star's books, visit and select the link to their bookstore. Through this promotion, Five Star Publications hopes to boost the morale of our troops, while providing them with some great reading material at the same time.

Five Star Publications would also like to extend an invitation for those military members who take advantage of this great opportunity to submit photos of themselves reading their free Five Star book. Their photos along with a message to their friends and family members back home will then be posted on our Web site.

Five Star Publications, founded by company president Linda Foster Radke, has a very interesting history. "My mother grew up in a family of nine brothers and sisters," Radke explained.

"Five of the family, including my mother, served in World War II. During the war, parents who had sons or daughters in the service displayed stars in their window - one for each child.

"It was a patriotic gesture and also expressed the deep hope that each would return home safely. One of my mother's brothers was captured and held as a prisoner of war.

"Fortunately, all five eventually returned home." She continued, "My Uncle Art used the name 'Five Star' when he opened his first grocery store in Indiana.

"Five stars became the symbol of my mom's family and is carried on in my company."

For more information on Five Star Publications or this promotional offer, visit or call 480-940-8182.

*Limit one free copy per military member. Requests honored up to 25 copies of each title in Five Star's online bookstore. This offer is good while supplies last.


CALENDAR LISTING - Ray Bradbury Adopt-a-Colonnade Project

The Venice Historical Society has announced a restoration project that is getting a jump start from a famous former Venice resident -- author Ray Bradbury -- who is providing initial funding to help restore the columns that at Windward Circle.

A kick-off event for the 'Ray Bradbury Adopt-a-Colonnade Project' will be held Friday, July 31st, 2009, 7 p.m., at the Electric Lodge Performing Arts Center in Venice, California. Guest of Honor Ray Bradbury will attend. Tickets range from $45 to $60. Delicacies, desserts and champagne will be served and a silent auction will take place.

To purchase tickets, make a contribution, adopt a column or for more information, please visit or call 310-967-5170.

Media Contact:
Ann Flower Communications

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