Guidelines for Submitting Articles to Star Tracks

We welcome articles and will print them on a space-available, content-validity basis. Following are a few guidelines.

Articles must be written with the target audience in mind: public and corporate spokespersons, authors, writers, etc.

Subjects must be of interest or help to the target audience, and can be on anything from how to improve your writing, speaking, marketing, sales pitch, etc. to how to better run your own business, handle accounting, improve social media efforts or develop a public relations campaign. They can be directed to beginner spokespersons and authors or advanced presenters and published authors.

Include your personalized byline (here's your chance for a little self-promotion), e-mail address, phone number and website link with submissions. Keep it to several sentences, or we will edit for space and brevity.

All submissions must be royalty-free with unlimited reprints permitted, which allows members of the media and social bloggers to reprint Star Tracks articles, thus increasing the contributors' exposure exponentially. Contributors must have the legal right to submit the article for reprint; i.e., you cannot submit someone else's copyrighted piece without their permission, and you cannot submit a piece to which someone else, such as a publisher, owns the copyright unless you also include with your submission the copyright owner's permission to submit the article to us for royalty-free reprinting.

Articles must not be blatant advertising for any company, product or service. Companies, products and services can be mentioned as they are applicable to the target audience and subject matter, but any article that comes across as a blatant endorsement or advertisement will not be considered for print. This preserves the integrity of the article and its author.

Please keep articles between 100 and 1,250 words, and include a 96-dpi graphic or photo, if available.

All submissions with reprint permission should be sent to>. Although submission does not guarantee print, know that if an article is good, and it doesn't get printed in a specific issue, we will hold it over to be printed in a future issue of Star Tracks.

To be placed on an A&E Star Tracks deadline reminder list, or call 480-940-8182.

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